Crimson Rosary Dress
Crimson Rosary Dress
Crimson Rosary Dress
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Crimson Rosary Dress

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Please Read Measurements before buying. The dresses are stretchy and can fit a wide range of sizes. 

Washer safe. Turn inside out and place on delicates. Air dry.

Sizes are in Inches and are taken laying flat. 


Bust 13"-16" Laying flat. (26" to 32" bust)



Bust 15"-17" laying flat (30" to 34" bust)

Waist 13"-17" laying flat

Height- 31"-33" with adjustable straps


Bust 17"-19" laying flat (34"-38" bust)

Waist 15"-18" laying flat

Height 32"-34" with adjustable straps



Bust 18"-20" laying flat (36"-40" bust)

Waist 16"-21" laying flat 

Height 32"-36" with adjustable straps



Bust 19"-23" laying flat (38"-42" Bust)

Waist 18"-23" laying flat

Height 34"-39" with adjustable straps



Bust 20"-25" laying flat (40"-48" bust)

Waist 19"-25" laying flat

Height 34"-40" with adjustable straps



Bust 20"-26" laying flat (40"-50" bust)

Waist 20"-26" laying flat

Height 36"-41" with adjustable straps


The safety pins are metal glued on so they are very secure. Please be careful when putting on dress. It can snag your hair. I recommend putting your hair up while you put the dress on or put it on feet first.

Each dress my vary in placement as they are all made by Indiefoxx


Indiefoxx is 5'8 and wearing a size Small